At Alert Level 1, the Tribunal's protocols for proceeding with hearings will be as follows:

All hearings. The Tribunal will continue to consider case by case, how charges can appropriately be heard, whether in person or by the use of an audio-visual link (AVL), ensuring the requirement for public hearings is still met.

Public access to hearings. Where a hearing is to proceed by AVL, the media and members of the public may contact the appointed Executive Officer by email and request a web link. Media and members of the public are welcome to attend in person hearings and details for both AVL and in-person hearings will be noted on the Tribunal's home page under 'Upcoming Hearings'.

Filing and service. All documents, witness statements, applications etc, can still be emailed to the Tribunal for filing.

Executive office for the Tribunal. All Executive Officers have returned to the office. Courier services can now deliver to the office on Level 24 of the AON Building.

Health and safety for in-person hearings.
In addition to the hearing venue's own health and safety measures:

[1] If unwell, do not attend the hearing. Witnesses should notify counsel as soon as possible if they become unwell.

[2] Before entering the hearing room, all attendees, including counsel, witnesses and the practitioner, should fill out a contact register that will be managed by an appropriate person outside the door of the hearing room.

[3] Hand sanitiser will be available at both the entrance and exit to the hearing room. All attendees must use hand sanitiser just before entering and exiting the hearing room. Hand sanitiser will also be readily available within the hearing room.

[4] In the event of community transmission within the venue precinct, public health advice will be taken and further directions given.

[5] Remind those attending the hearing of the need to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing - including washing hands regularly, following hygiene practices and, if unwell, following Ministry of Health guidelines.