Hearing Procedures

The Tribunal has produced a useful guide setting out the usual procedures to be followed before and during a hearing. To download a copy of the guide please click on the following link: Guide to Disciplinary Proceedings

The Tribunal's hearing procedure is explained in the following flow chart:



The main features of the Tribunal's hearing procedures are:

  1. Hearings are open to the public unless the Tribunal orders otherwise. In some cases, particularly those involving evidence of a sexual, intimate, or distressing nature the complainant’s evidence may be given in private.
  2. The Tribunal hears and considers the evidence as well as submissions made by the parties.
  3. The Tribunal endeavours to announce its finding at the conclusion of the hearing. Sometimes the Tribunal reserves its decision.
  4. The Tribunal's written reasons for its decision are usually made available 3 to 4 weeks after the conclusion of the hearing.
  5. If a health practitioner is found guilty the Tribunal hears and considers submissions on penalty including costs and, where relevant, name suppression.
  6. The Tribunal then delivers its written decision on penalty.
  7. Dissatisfied parties may appeal the Tribunal's decision to the High Court within 20 days of receiving the Tribunal's decision.