Charge Detail Summary

File Number: Den15/309D
Practitioner: Gaurav Lakra
Hearing Start Date:

Hearing End Date:

Hearing Town/City:
Hearing Location:
Charge Characteristics:

Note taking - inadequate/inappropriate (Established)

Informed consent - inadequate

Additional Orders:

Name Suppression to Complainant and/or Patient and/or client

Patient and patient's mother granted permanent suppression of name and identifying features


Appeal Order:


Full Decision 714Den15309D.pdf

Appeal Decision:

Precis of Decision:

On 12 June 2015 the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal considered a charge laid by the Director of Proceedings against Dr Gaurav Lakra, registered Dentist of Taumarunui (the Dentist).

The charge alleged that the Dentist failed to adequately inform the patient of an instrument failure, failed to adequately advise the patient as to treatment/retreatment options and obtain his informed consent to the treatment provided and failed to maintain proper clinical records.

The hearing proceeded on an agreed summary of facts basis.

The Tribunal was satisfied that the charges were made out and professional misconduct had been established in this case that warranted disciplinary sanction.

The Tribunal censured the Dentist, imposed a fine of $3,000 and order 30% of costs be paid as a contribution to the costs of the Tribunal and PCC.  The Tribunal also directed that a copy of its decision be referred to the Dental Council of New Zealand so that the body could give what consideration it regarded as appropriate to the Tribunal's conclusions in the context of the current recertification programme.

The Tribunal directed publication of its decision and a summary.