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File Number Date of Decision Profession Scope of Practice Practitioner  
Dtech18/426P 01 Nov 2018 Oral Health Dental technician, clinical dental technician Mr D Details
Phar18/424P 26 Feb 2019 Pharmacists   Pharmacist El-Fadil Kardaman Details
Phys18/423P 13 Dec 2018 Physiotherapists   Physiotherapist Jane Moore Details
Nur18/422P 14 Mar 2019 Nurses   Nurse Johan Peter Van Der Meer Details
Chiro18/421P 05 Oct 2018 Chiropractors   Chiropractor Dean Julian Kenny Details
Mid18/419P 21 Sep 2018 Midwives   Midwife Danielle Hart-Murray Details
Med18/418P 05 Nov 2018 Medical Practitioners   General Practice Dr R Details
Med18/416P 27 Aug 2018 Medical Practitioners   General, Vocational Martyn Robert Howells Details
Med18/414P 24 Aug 2018 Medical Practitioners   General Mushfiq Ahmad Details
Med18/413P 22 Jun 2018 Medical Practitioners   General Practice Vijay Gayapersadh Harypursat Details
Med17/412P 18 Apr 2018 Medical Practitioners   General David Kang Huat Lim Details
Med17/411P 12 Jul 2018 Medical Practitioners   orthopaedic surgeon Stephen John Augustine Details
Nur17/410P 14 May 2018 Nurses   Nurse Ms E Details
Phar17/409P 15 Jun 2018 Pharmacists   Pharmacist Park Ung Wong Details
Med17/408P 20 Jun 2018 Medical Practitioners   General, Vocational Alistair Francis Farr Details
Nur17/407P 15 Aug 2018 Nurses   Registered Nurse Linda Olive Aldworth Details
Med17/406P 31 May 2018 Medical Practitioners   General, Vocational Bruce James Spittle Details
Dtech17/405P 20 Feb 2018 Oral Health Dental Technician Vicki Anderson Details
Nur17/404P 27 Feb 2018 Nurses   Registered Nurse Mrs S Details
DH17/403P 14 Apr 2018 Oral Health Dental Hygienist Larisa Beck Details
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